COVID-19 Emergency Resources for People and Pets

As COVID-19 cases are on the rise, please share our emergency resources for pet owners impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

RedRover Relief Emergency Boarding Assistance Grant Application

Please note that this form can time out. If that happens you will not be able to submit the application; you will need to refresh the page and reapply. If you believe that it will take longer than 2 hours to submit this application, you may want to copy the longer answers to another document (Word, Notepad, etc.). That way, when you refresh the page you’ll have those answers ready to copy and paste into the application.

* While the RedRover Relief Emergency Boarding Assistance grant application is set up to be accessible from a phone web browser, phones will sometimes have difficulty submitting the application. The best way to submit the application is from a computer.

This is a national program and we will not know what boarding resources are available in your area. Please reach out to local boarding facilities to find somewhere reasonably priced before submitting this application. If we determine that the cost of boarding is too high, we may request that you find a lower priced boarding facility or ask the facility for a discount.

Please note that the RedRover will be closed through Sunday, July 5. New applications may be submitted during this time, but will not be reviewed until Monday, July 6.