Resources for people and animals affected by Tropical Storm Barry

RedRover Responders stand at the ready to provide emergency animal sheltering assistance to the animals displaced by Tropical Storm Barry, if our help is needed and requested. Please share our list of currently available emergency animal shelters and resources for those who need help or would like to offer assistance.

RedRover Domestic Violence Safe Escape Grant Application

RedRover Domestic Violence Safe Escape Grants help families and pets affected by domestic violence by providing grants for safe housing and veterinary care. The goal of the program is to enable victims to leave their batterers without having to leave their pets behind. Grants may be provided for temporary boarding and veterinary care.

To qualify, the application must be submitted by a case worker or domestic violence shelter representative.

Please note that this form will time out if open for longer than 2 hours. If that happens you will not be able to submit the application; you will need to refresh the page and reapply. If you believe that it will take longer than 2 hours to submit this application, you may want to type the “fill in the blank” answers in another document (Word, Notepad, etc.). That way, when you refresh the page you’ll have those answers ready to copy and paste into the application.