2024 RedRover Readers 5/11 Workshop

In-person workshop at Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland

Building Empathy, Connection, and Literacy in the Classroom

Take the workshop to receive the full RedRover Readers social and emotional learning curriculum and help children explore the human-animal bond through stories and discussion.

Workshop Objective:

  • Educators and volunteers will learn to implement the RedRover Readers Program curriculum in classrooms, libraries, or homes to build empathy, self- and social awareness, and help children, ages 5-11, connect to the world and the animals in it. Each lesson seeks to increase an understanding of animals and to promote empathy and respect.
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What you'll get:

  • Our full RedRover Readers story-based curriculum
  • A FREE one-year, classroom subscription to Kind News magazine (or extend your subscription for an additional year!)
  • Teachers can submit this professional development opportunity for up to five credit hours
  • Free refresher workshops 

**Please register by Tuesday, May 7**

2024 RedRover Readers Workshop 5/11

Please complete this form by Tuesday, May 7 to register for the event.

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