Sage and Bert, RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant recipients, share their appreciation – in words and meows

Bert is home after a successful procedure made possible in part by RedRover. I cannot thank you enough for not only the financial assistance that helped afford Bert’s operation, but also for all the work and effort of the staff, volunteers, and supporters of RedRover.

I know how much time and energy go into building, establishing, and continuing an organization like RedRover. Especially in uncertain times when the demand for veterinary care financial assistance is higher than ever and incoming donations are lower than ever.

Facing decreased funding in the face of increased need means that RedRover and its staff must deny more applications than ever. I cannot imagine receiving, reading, filtering, and deciding on which story, which situation, which sick pet is approved and which is denied. It takes a strong heart to be able to do that on a daily basis, and I commend RedRover and the work its staff does.

You save lives. You keep joy alive in some dark moments.

You are heroes to people like me. You helped afford me more years with my Bert, a gift of a companion unlike any other, and a gift to him and all pet-kind which symbolizes the immense and selfless capacity for good capable by our human experience.

You help change the world and I am humbled and thankful that you chose Bert as a recipient of a RedRover Relief Grant.

Thank you with all our love,
Sage & Bert

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