Looking for summer reading for every age? Try these from RedRover’s Recommended Books with Humane Themes book list:

Ages 2+:
What’s in a Woof is a fun and colorful book about understanding dogs’ special ways of communicating. This book is perfect for reading to children who are learning word recognition and who would enjoy looking at vibrant pictures of dogs. There is even a coloring book where children can color in pictures of dogs throughout the book!

Ginger Finds a Home is a story about a friendship between a stray cat and a little girl. In Ginger’s previous life, he foraged for food wherever and whenever he could, and slept in a patch of weeds.  As Ginger learns to trust the little girl, he quickly adjusts to his new life as her companion.This book is perfect for children who express interest in the lives of felines and who want to learn more about stray and “community” cats.

Ages 5+
Rescue Pup is a story written in rhyme about a dog named Buddy who is abandoned in an empty house. He manages to escape from the house but faces challenges living outside and winds up living in an animal shelter. Buddy worries he won’t stand out from the other animals and find a forever home, but he meets his dream family and his fears disappear. Themes of responsible pet ownership and adoption are discussed.

Not Afraid of Dogs is a story about a boy who “is not afraid of anything,”except for dogs. One day after school, Daniel finds out that his mom has agreed to pet sit for Bandit. After hiding from the small brown-and-white dog all day, he encounters her alone at night cowering from the noise of a thunderstorm. When Daniel sees the dog’s fear, his own dissolves and he is able to share cuddles with her. In the course of the story Daniel moves from angry and fearful to kind and open-hearted.

Ages 8+
For readers who are looking to tackle the challenge of a chapter book, RedRover Readers suggests Stealing Thunder. Libby has always wanted a horse of her own, and caring for her neighbor’s horse is the next best thing. When she discovers Thunder is being abused, Libby knows she has to rescue him, no matter what the risk! In this exciting adventure, Libby finds her own voice as she stands up for what she believes in a world of adults who think they know best. Themes of animal abuse and the human-animal bond are discussed.

Charlotte’s Web is a timeless classic tale of a pig named Wilbur who learns about life from his barnyard friends, especially a beautiful black spider named Charlotte. A special friendship between Charlotte and Wilbur develops, and every night Charlotte creates intricate spider webs with words written in them to help save Wilbur from being killed and eaten. The reader learns about friendship and compassion in this remarkable story. Themes of friendship between barnyard animals and the cycle of life are discussed.

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