Last October, RedRover Responders volunteers cared for almost 400 dogs and cats airlifted from shelters in Puerto Rico by The Humane Society of the United States in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. We cared for these animals at a “way-station” at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Society in New Jersey before they were placed in homes via shelters and rescues.

Mila, a 10-year old pit bull mix, stood out. Her grizzled looks told us she had been through a lot, but she had the quiet and gentle bearing of an old soul. When we opened her cage to feed or pet her, she would lean against the person reaching in the cage. Mila quickly became a volunteer favorite, and a favorite of mine, too. In the sometimes chaotic temporary shelter, when needed some calm and respite, I sat by Mila’s cage and let her lean on me.

So it was just wonderful when Sarah, a RedRover Responders volunteer who deployed to St. Hubert’s, forwarded an article in the Boston Globe about Mila’s adoption.

Anna Corning and Joseph Maddox fell in love with Mila and adopted her about six weeks ago. Like many, Anna fell in love with Mila upon first meeting, saying “She was an angel right there.” She and Joseph wanted to provide a home for a senior pit bull – to be part of the solution for dogs that often get overlooked by adopters.

Mila certainly hit the adoption lotto with Anna and Joseph! She has gained some needed weight, and she looks amazing. Anna reports that Mila loves playing with toys, and she has “toys and beds all over the house – her temple.” As we noticed in the shelter, Anna says that Mila craves companionship. Mila is “so content to follow you around in the house, and sit or lay down near you.”

Amazingly, Mila has become so playful and energetic that she is often mistaken for a puppy when she goes on her three to four walks a day. Anna says that Mila likes to jog more than walk, so they often jog to the park.

It is always a true privilege for RedRover Responders to care for animals such as Mila, who are rescued from crisis.  I feel such respect for her heroic spirit and willingness to love despite what she had been through.  I’m so grateful for all who made her journey to this wonderful home possible: the rescuers and shelter workers in Puerto Rico, The Humane Society of the United States, Wings of Rescue (who flew the airlifts), St. Hubert’s, our RedRover Responders who provided gentle care, the Massachusetts SPCA, and Pittie Love rescue, and for Anna and Joseph, who are clearly in love with Mila and are providing the perfect home for her.

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