Last week marked the anniversary of a lifesaving event that RedRover Responders volunteers will never forget. One year ago, nearly 300 pit bulls and pit bull mixes were living in cruel, neglectful conditions. They had little hope at new lives, and many were destined to meet the end that so many other dogs had on the Spindletop Refuge sanctuary had: after leaving this world, having their bodies casually thrown in the mass grave behind the owner’s home.

Along with local animal control and the other animal rescue organizations, RedRover Responders volunteers stepped in to assist with the massive rescue project at the Spindletop Refuge in an effort to better the lives of the neglected animals. When volunteers and law enforcement arrived on the scene, dogs were tightly crammed into stacked crates, and many suffered from mange, flea and tick infestations and untreated wounds. The most disturbing discovery was a mass grave of deceased dogs behind the owner’s home, while many other animals roamed the property.

In total, 26 RedRover Responders volunteers deployed to Montgomery County, Texas, to care for the neglected dogs of the Spindletop Refuge. Volunteers provided food, shelter, clean water and daily walks, along with the much-needed socialization and attention that the dogs craved. Because of the efforts of RedRover Responders volunteers and other partnering organizations, the dogs of the Spindletop Refuge were able to be placed with reputable adoption agencies and given the chance to find forever homes.

A year has passed since the deplorable conditions of the Spindletop Refuge were discovered and RedRover was able to give the nearly 300 dogs a chance to find a new hope. Today, many of the dogs have been fostered or adopted, and lead good lives considering the conditions they were subjected to at the neglectful animal sanctuary.

Mayday Pit Bull Rescue & Advocacy of Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the many rescue groups that came forward to foster and place some of the Spindletop Refuge dogs.  We recently received an update about a few of the pit bull mixes that Mayday had been working with from the sanctuary rescue, and are pleased to announce that they are all thriving in their new, loving environments.

Vinny, a six-year-old pit bull mix was one of the dogs found at the Spindletop Refuge.  Living in conditions that we’re detrimental to his emotional and physical health, he was relocated to an emergency shelter where RedRover Responders volunteers cared for him until he could be placed with a reputable rescue partner.  It was discovered that Vinny was blind in one eye and distrustful of new humans, but his loyal personality and attentive disposition made him a loving pet for a new home(Vinny is currently up for adoption with Mayday Pitbull Rescue & Advocacy).

Luigi, a brindle fellow of unknown age, was adopted by a foster family.  Jillian of Mayday Pit Bull Rescue and Advocacy told us, “Luigi has a wonderful life with his forever family and is doing really well. He is loved so much and is spoiled!”

Emmy, a little tan female pit bull mix was terrified, nervous and anxious after being rescued from Spindletop Refuge.  She took a long time to adjust to what it meant to be “a normal dog,” and we’re happy to announce that she found her forever home earlier this year with a family who understands her needs. “She is doing amazing there and loved so very much by her new parents!” Jillian reports.

Yogi is another old fellow who had a tough time finding a new home after living in neglect for so long.  A senior dog with medical issues can be difficult to place, so Jillian herself took him into foster. “He fit in as though he was always meant to be with us,” Jillian tell us. “My dogs immediately accepted Yogi and he, them. Although he’s technically a ‘foster dog, Yogi has made my family complete.”  A soft place to sleep and family to spend the rest of his years with may have been exactly what Yogi was looking for, especially after the neglect and sadness that he suffered during his time at the Spindletop Refuge.

RedRover would like to take this opportunity to thank Mayday Pit Bull Rescue & Advocacy, along with all the placement partners, participating organizations and supporters like you for making it possible for dogs like Vinny, Luigi, Emmy and Yogi to find peace in the rest of the years of their lives. Without the cooperation, support and passion of everyone involved, these animals may have suffered the same fate as so many before them at the Spindletop Refuge.  We think Jillian said it best when she told us, “So many groups, agencies and organizations came together, made a big difference and saved so many lives. Together, all of these groups and people have improved the lives of not only the animals, but of every human who is, or has been, lucky enough to share their life with these dogs. To everyone who played a part in this large rescue, you have my deepest respect and gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”