"RedRover gave me the ability to leave with my family intact and go somewhere where everyone would be safe." - Safe Escape grant recipient“There are so many victims in abusive relationships who don’t leave home because they have nowhere for their pets to go,” said Diedra Davis of the Resource and Crisis Center of Galveston County, Inc. in Texas. “To know that their pets are in a safe place is such a relief. RedRover’s help is potentially lifesaving.”

Read our article about RedRover Relief and domestic violence in the latest issue of The Latham Letter, The Latham Foundation‘s quarterly magazine emphasizing humane education, the human companion animal bond, and the connections between children and animal abuse and other forms of family violence:

RedRover Relief program helps animals – and women – in crisis

Because so few domestic violence shelters have the ability to accommodate pets, victims often feel like they only have two options when it comes to their animals: to leave them behind or to remain with their pets and endure continued abuse.

You can take action now!

It only takes a couple of minutes to make an impact for animals affected by domestic violence: