Jessica and her partner Saraph were already compassionate friends of feral cats when they found Hime in a barn shortly after the sweet little kitten was born. While there were other healthy cats in the litter, Hime was born conjoined by a small piece of tissue to an underdeveloped kitten that, unfortunately, did not survive. Jessica knew that Hime could thrive if she was given the right care and love, so she took her home to be nurtured – and hopefully become part of the family.

Because she was born conjoined, Hime’s right rear leg never fully developed, leaving a “nub” where her paw would be. Her nub was functional though, and for the first five months of her life, Hime walked and played like a happy, normal kitten.

While Jessica helped Hime heal and grow, their bond developed in unexpected ways. More than just a rescue kitten, Hime became Jessica’s emotional support animal. So when Hime developed an abscess on her nub that kept coming back despite treatment, Jessica was devastated. She and Saraph couldn’t bear to see their little Hime in pain.

Their veterinarian recommended an amputation slightly above the nub so that Hime could still use her hip joint for balance and enjoy a full “tri-paw’d” life. It was the only way to prevent the abscess from recurring, but with their bills and all they had spent treating the abscess so far, paying for surgery seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. Antibiotics could only be a short-term solution, but they were willing to do anything they could to save her once more.

With the help of a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant, Jessica was able to pay for Hime’s amputation – and the surgery went well! She told us, “We appreciate you helping our little princess. We will be forever grateful for your help in her road to a healthy and long life as a member of our beloved family.”

Hime is still healing and getting stronger every day, but there is a bright future ahead for this little barn kitten. As a token of her gratitude, Jessica created a Facebook fundraiser for RedRover to pay it forward so that other families and pets in crisis will be able to get the veterinary care they need.

*UPDATE* Jessica reached out to us to let us know that Hime is adjusting very well and doing wonderfully. She decided to create a Facebook birthday fundraiser in honor of RedRover, and it reached its goal of $200! As a birthday present, her dad is going to match the final donation amount so that, in her words, “RedRover can help two more animals, just like Hime, who are in desperate need of surgeries.” Her hope is that other families and their pets also get a second chance.

Thank you to Jessica and all the supporters who help make happy tails like Hime’s possible!

“We needed money for our little Hime’s mid-femoral amputation as she was born conjoined. The vet told us the longer we wait, the worse it would be for her. We filled in an application to RedRover and they responded immediately with enthusiasm to help. Hime is a huge part of our family and she brings our household and our friends joy. Red Rover stepped in and helped us and now she will be getting the surgery she needs to prolong her life and make it so she doesn’t need to keep taking meds to keep her infection at bay. THANK YOU SO MUCH.” – Jessica,

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