“As my son drove along a country road, he noticed a small white patch protruding from a bush. This caught his attention and he continued to fix his gaze on that spot. Suddenly the white patch moved. He turned his truck and drove towards it. There in a ditch he saw Kuzma (a name we gave him), curled in a ball, emaciated, and unable to walk from an open wound in his paw. The weather that night was near freezing and you could not help to think that it could have been his last night alive.

“My son immediately called my daughter-in-law who just happened to be at Petco. She rushed over to them with dog food in hand. She was hesitant at first to feed him as she did not know if this pit bull was aggressive. Upon handing him the bowl he ate everything within 2 minutes as well as a subsequent bowl. My son then wrapped his paw with a towel and placed him in the truck. He was so weak he was barely able to wag his tail. The next morning we scraped enough money to take him to the vet. His first visit was $700. The vet gave us grim news. There was a strong possibility that his paw would need to be amputated and recovery was estimated at 3 to 4 months. The medical bill would be enormous and I had no contingency money to cover it but I knew we had to do anything and everything possible to save him. We started a Gofundme account and applied for care credit. Even that was not enough. I contacted RedRover and explained the situation.

“RedRover helped me at a time when I was in desperate need to save this beautiful dog. It is heartwarming to know that there are people who consider saving animals worthwhile. I am happy to report that Kuzma has made an almost full recovery. His paw did not need to be amputated and is almost completely healed. He is such a playful and happy boy with not an ounce of aggression in him. His favorite time is when we walk him in the morning. He loves to play with his cat sister Daisy.

“I can’t thank RedRover enough for all the help and support given to Kuzma during his worst time. I encourage everyone to give as much as possible to help save the most vulnerable of God’s creatures. It truly made a difference in Kuzma’s case.”


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