“Belue is basically my son. I would do anything for him. He came to me as a three-week-old kitten, scrawny and in need of round-the-clock care and bottle-feeding. I eagerly cared for him! We’ve spent 16 years together and he has been with me on the journey of life, which we all know can be beautiful and painful. He is my boy – we have the most special bond. He is so intuitive and soulful, he is so charming and gentle too. He will just soothe your worries with his deep purrs. I love him with all of me.

When Jessica came home one afternoon to find Belue unable to bear weight on his left rear leg and in pain at the lightest touch, she immediately took him to a veterinarian. An x-ray revealed that Belue had a spiral femur fracture and a torn ACL, likely from jumping off a higher surface and landing wrong. Only an amputation could help Belue. Jessica had used the last of her CareCredit on the examination and diagnosis, and between caring for her mother full-time and only being able to work odd jobs as a pet sitter, she had nothing left to pay for his amputation.

Her love for Belue was profound and kept her determined to get him the care he needed. Not only did Jessica start a GoFundMe page, she also applied for grants from multiple foundations – including an Urgent Care grant from RedRover Relief. In her application, she helped us understand how important Belue is to her: It pains me so much to see him suffer at all. I know he has many more years with us left and I just want to get him the help he needs. I feel like the worst possible human being not having the money in the moment when he needs me most. I could just crawl under a rock. I’m willing to fight for him and do whatever it takes to help him though. This won’t always be our situation but it just is right now.

Between her hard work and a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant, Jessica was able to afford Belue’s amputation. She has been routinely sharing his progress with RedRover, including a video of him thoroughly enjoying the “tri-paw’d” life.

Not only is Belue recovering and adapting with remarkable resilience, but he and Jessica have found a new dimension to their bond.

“It will be a learning journey for us both but I’m determined and dedicated to help him every step of the way! Thank you, humbly and graciously for saving my boy’s life and ending his pain.”

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