Christian found Figaro in November 2016, in a horrible situation. The sweet feline had a long list of ailments that would easily have overcome a less determined cat.

But despite his many health issues, “Figaro was so thankful we found him,” Christian told us. “He showed us that no matter what, we can learn to love again.”

Because of his ailments, Figaro depends on diapers, but Christian says that other than that, “he is a ‘normal’ happy kitty who loves to play hide and seek, loves car rides and enjoys his catnip kickers.” Everyone who has followed Figaro’s story, from Christian’s family to loyal Instagram followers, has been touched by how strong he is.

But last spring, due to his previous health issues and scar tissue build-up, Figaro developed a urinary blockage. Christian was able to pay to get him the initial treatment needed to unblock him, but Figaro needed a perineal urethrostomy surgery to ensure he never blocks again.

That’s when Christian reached out to us. Thanks to a RedRover Relief grant, Figaro was able to get the surgery he needed — and after the initial recovery time, he was back to his happy, energetic self. Christian says, “To this day, we monitor for UTIs – more so now that he can easily get them after the PU – but to think we were ready to say goodbye to him, and seeing how he bounced back has been amazing! He’s been through so much and he’s still with us…even in a diaper.

“We are so thankful for the amazing help we received for Figaro. Thank you!!”

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