As you’re reading this, Leila, a beautiful tan dog with soulful brown eyes, is recovering from surgery to treat life-threatening injuries she sustained by protecting a family friend from physical abuse.

Leila risked her life to save a loved one, and now she needs our help in return. Will you please make a gift to the RedRover Relief program today so we can ensure Leila receives the urgent treatment she needs to survive?

Leila and her mom, Christy, were enjoying a gathering of family and friends at Christy’s house when a friend’s boyfriend showed up unexpectedly. The man got violent with Christy’s friend, and Leila immediately jumped in to protect her. Unfortunately, the attacker turned his attention to Leila and in his rage, stabbed Leila several times and broke her leg.

The man then fled the scene and was eventually arrested on felony charges. But Leila’s life was left hanging in the balance. Christy rushed Leila to the vet where she discovered the severity of Leila’s injuries. She was heartbroken at the realization that she might lose her best friend.

Christy was able to pull together enough money to cover the cost of Leila’s first surgery to close her open wounds – but she still needed the funds to repair Leila’s broken leg. So she contacted RedRover.

We quickly awarded Christy with a $500 grant to help with Leila’s surgery, but the surgery to treat Leila’s broken leg was so extensive that Christy still can’t afford the full cost… and we want to do more. Your gift to the RedRover Relief program will allow us to cover the remainder of Leila’s surgery costs, and give Leila a second chance at life.

Help give Leila a second chance