Emme, an 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, is Christine’s best friend and confidante. After she was diagnosed with diabetes a year and a half ago, she developed cataracts, but adjusted quite well to navigating without clear eyesight. Then Emme’s eyes became infected… and the vet suggested they both be removed ASAP.

Christine wasn’t able to come up with the full funds for the surgery, so she was was beyond relieved to find RedRover. Thanks to a RedRover Relief grant – made possible because of your support – Emme was able to have the surgery she needed. Now, Christine tells us, “Emme is feeling so much better and is even acting like a puppy again.”

“I want to thank Red Rover again for donating the money for her surgery. It made such a difference in her life and mine. She is such a sweet dog and loves everyone she meets.”

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