By Jenny Spiers, Guest Blogger

If you are constantly brushing pet hair off the furniture or carpet, you may have a pet shedding problem. Excess shedding can sometimes indicate health conditions in your pet, especially if it’s accompanied by itchiness and hair loss, but in most cases, shedding is more bothersome to you than to your pet. Here are seven simple hacks keep your home cleaner and easily remove pesky pet hair.

1. Use a pet hair vacuum

The most effective pet removal method is a pet hair vacuum  – which usually come with upholstery cleaner attachments. You can also try a pet vacuum cleaner that features HEPA filters, in case someone in your household has pet dander allergies. A HEPA vacuum cleaner is a good idea even if you don’t have allergies since it filters out microorganisms.

 2. Use a deshedding tool

A deshedding tool is specially designed to gather loose hair from your pet so it won’t fall on your carpet, bedding or furniture. Some deshedding tools reduce the amount of loose pet hair on home surfaces by 90 percent.

The beauty of deshedding brushes is that the bristles don’t touch the pet’s skin. Loose hair is already off its root, but may have gotten entangled with other hair. The tool only removes the loose hair and not the intact hair.

3. Make an improvised lint roller

Lint rollers are effective for picking up loose pet hair from the surfaces in your home, mostly on fabrics.  If you don’t have a lint remover already on hand, you can make one. Get a roll of any adhesive tape and wrap it around a cylindrical object with the sticky side facing outwards. You can use a hair brush or an empty tube from a toilet paper roll.

Alternatively, you can create a ball of packaging tape with the sticky part on the outside. You can use this “sticky ball” to remove pet hair from any surface in your home. It’s also effective for squeezing into small spaces that a conventional lint roller can’t reach.

4. Use a dryer sheet

You may be surprised to learn that dryer sheets are one of the simplest solutions for removing stray pet hair. Dryer sheets can be used on virtually all surfaces without leaving sticky residue on your fingers. Wipe the sheets along the floor corners where pet hair has accumulated and use them to pick up hair around baseboards.

5. Use a window squeegee or a rubber balloon

Anything made of rubber can be a pet hair’s kryptonite, thanks to static electricity. Rubber resists electrical charges that flow across the surface. You can use a rubber window squeegee to remove pet hair from the carpet and other surfaces, or a balloon to attract loose pet hair.

6. Use a damp cloth or mop on hard surfaces

If your home has vinyl, hardwood or other hard flooring material, sweep the floor using a broom or use a damp cloth or mop to remove pet hair. Like a magnet, a damp mop or rag can easily pick up pet hair on hard surfaces. The hair clings to the moistened fabric due to the natural hydrostatic force of water molecules.

 7. Use rubber gloves or damp sponge on furniture or upholstery

Rubber gloves can remove pet hair, especially on hard-to-reach areas. You can easily stick a finger or two into tight spaces. If you don’t have rubber gloves, moisten an ordinary sponge and use this to pick up pet hair. Soft and supple, they can squeeze into tight spaces.

Don’t be a slave to pet hair in your home. These simple hacks can remove loose hair more effectively and efficiently, leaving a cleaner space for you and your furry friend.


Jenny Spiers is mum of 3 and a true animal lover with 3 dogs, 2 cats and a parrot called Charlie. Heading up the content for amongst a busy family schedule, her goal is to try to help people all around the world become better pet owners.