Appreciated Stocks

Making a Stock Gift

Make a deep and lasting impact on animals in crisis without dipping into your everyday cash flow. By donating stock directly to RedRover rather than selling stock and donating the cash proceeds, you are not required to pay capital gains tax, which can be as high as 20%.

By donating stock you’ve held for more than one year,if you itemize deductions, you can generally deduct the full fair market value of the stock. 

To make an eligible gift for current year’s taxes, your stock donation must be completed on or before December 31st – and if you plan to manually mail in your forms, you should plan to do so by early December. However, most donations to nonprofits occur in the last three months of the year, so by giving before the year-end rush you can make an immediate difference for animals in crisis when it’s needed most, and get ahead on your tax savings.

Stock donations are uniquely impactful for RedRover, and allow you to make an even bigger impact for the causes that matter most. The gains that you've made in the stock market are generally not taxed when you give them directly to RedRover, so we’re able to put the full value of the stock to work for lifesaving care to animals!

To make a gift of stock please email Erin Bialecki, Director of Development and Communications at or call 916.429.2457 ext 313. For tax-related questions, please consult a tax advisor.