Since schools transitioned to virtual learning during the pandemic, the RedRover Readers program has been able to reach students from all over the world. Last month we received a request to virtually visit a French/English classroom in New Brunswick, Canada. In celebration of National Poetry Month, Ms. Roussel’s class read Oh, Theodore! Guinea Pig Poems, a book of engaging poems about the friendship between a boy and his guinea pig. Because Ms. Roussel’s classroom is composed of both English and French speakers, some of the students translated certain words for each other – including for their teacher! Once the story was over, students wrote their own acrostic poems – a poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word – about their own pets or one they were familiar with. See below for some of their creative examples:

We were inspired by the peer-to-peer learning naturally unfolding before use. Everyone, from the presenter to the student to the teacher, was learning something new that day – whether it was about poetry, animal care, or a new word they’ve never heard before. 

The RedRover Readers program is excited to continue virtual readings and learning with classrooms around the world.

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