After escaping her abuser, Lisa* sought refuge at a domestic violence shelter with her son and their 29-pound poodle mix named Cooper* — only to be told that Cooper could not stay in the shelter with them. Stressed and unsure what to do, Lisa knew she could not afford to board Cooper for months while she worked to find permanent housing. 

Luckily, Lisa’s advocate at the shelter knew about RedRover’s Safe Escape program, which provides funding to temporarily board pets while the domestic violence survivor stays in shelter. Lisa’s advocate immediately applied for a grant and worked with Lisa to identify a boarding facility where Cooper could stay. We moved quickly to approve a grant for Cooper’s boarding and Lisa and her son could now start rebuilding their lives knowing Cooper was safe. 

Lisa’s advocate told us, “RedRover services can be the deciding factor for an individual to choose to leave an abusive relationship. Animals provide emotional well-being, safety, and companionship. The support of RedRover honors the unique bonds and that owners have with their pets.” 

After nearly four months apart, Cooper was happily reunited with Lisa and her son, and with the family now intact, they were able to start their new lives together. 

*Names changed to protect privacy

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