RedRover Responders staff members reflect on our 2020 deployments — modified under the COVID-19 conditions — and look toward the day we can work with our volunteers again.

Devon Krusko on deployment in South Carolina

“It’s hard to imagine that I was last on the ground with our RedRover Responders volunteers in February 2020. How I miss the camaraderie, swapping stories, and team dinners! Fortunately, 2020 still brought opportunities to help animals in crisis.

I traveled to Butte County, CA to help with shelter management during the wildfires, and to Maryland to help set up a temporary shelter for dogs rescued from a South Korean dog-meat farm.

Though deployments have certainly felt different on my own, it’s filled my soul to be able to continue our work during a time when kindness and compassion are so important. The RedRover Responders volunteers are in my heart, and I look forward to all of us being able to work together again!”
Devon Krusko, RedRover Field Services & Outreach Coordinator

Katie Campbell on deployment in California


“It goes without saying that I miss our RedRover Responders volunteers but I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been able to deploy a few times this year.

Under less than perfect circumstances, we found a way to help two domestic violence shelters become pet-friendly, and I was honored to help fellow staff at our wildfire deployment in Butte County. Well wishes to all those red shirts out there – I look forward to seeing you again!”
– Katie Campbell, RedRover Outreach Manager