When Kayla’s son found a badly injured dog in a ditch near his bus stop, the family had no idea how extensive her medical issues were. They weren’t expecting to take in a dog, but they committed to giving the young pup every chance at a happy new life as a member of their family.

A visit to the vet revealed that, based on Athena’s injuries, she had likely been hit by a car. The sweet pup had multiple fractures in two of her limbs and road burn across her body. To make the situation even more desperate, they discovered that Athena also tested positive for heartworm, which means surgery to repair her injuries is even riskier. Then they found out the cost of the surgery…and it seemed only a miracle could give this dog the second chance she deserves.

Athena’s new family immediately sprang into action raising funds for her surgery – including reaching out to us. We wanted to cover the remaining cost of her treatment — but we couldn’t do it alone.

In less than 24 hours, RedRover supporters came through in a big way for Athena. Together, we raised $3,750 — enough to cover the remaining cost of her veterinary bill!

While in surgery, the doctors discovered that Athena’s leg fractures were so severe that she needed a second operation. In fact, according to Athena’s mom, “her doctors said this was certainly the most complex procedure they have ever performed.”

But Athena is a true warrior. While she has a long road to recovery ahead of her and is not yet back to her spunky self, Athena has the support she needs to heal. She will be going home with her new family in the coming days, and they could not be more appreciative of your compassion:

“Thank you all for everything you have done. Each and every one of you are amazing individuals with good hearts! Athena was able to have her surgeries because everyone came together for this angel to get the help she deserved.”

Animal lovers like you made Athena’s “happily ever after” possible.

Your support makes a lifesaving difference! Thank you for being there for Athena and other animals who need you.