Throughout 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, Justina’s most reliable source of joy and relief has been her six-year-old cat, Milo. In December 2019, she and her family were left homeless when their apartment caught fire and destroyed everything they owned. Only a few months later, life would become even more challenging.

Her mother’s health prevented her from returning to her job in a nursing home, and the unemployment benefits were not enough to provide for Justina and her two younger brothers, so Justina began taking double shifts at her two jobs as often as possible. Every night when she returns from work, it’s Milo who comforts her and gives her the strength to keep moving forward for her family. 

“Milo is my baby, I’ve had him since he was a few weeks old and I have kept him with me through everything. He will meow and pace my door whenever I leave my room or house. He sleeps with me every night and if I am outside he jumps into the window nearest me.”

One evening, Justina was startled by the crashing sound of a TV falling off its stand and left her room to find her sweet boy limping in pain. Knowing that his feline grace had not saved him this time, she took him to the veterinarian for x-rays to discover he had broken his humerus in multiple places and had nerve damage.

Milo would need to have the leg amputated for his best chance at the long, happy life he deserved. With her family’s finances stretched so thin, Justina could only afford a portion of what the veterinarian quoted her for his surgery. 

Because of so many compassionate people like yourself, we were able to say yes when Justina applied for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant. Thanks to our supporters, Milo had his leg amputated so he wouldn’t have to spend another day in pain. 

Justina shared this happy update with us:

“Milo is doing fantastic! He is still working on his balance but he went straight back to jumping onto my sink and bed and acting like he’s always had three legs. Thank you so much to RedRover and your donors for helping me and my Milo out and being the reason he’s able to run around and act like a cat again.”

She said it best – thank you for giving Milo the second chance he deserves with the family who loves him most! 

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