By Savannah Verdon, RedRover Development and Engagement Coordinator

When it rains, it pours – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jessica was having a particularly hard time. She had been unemployed for a while, and now had only three weeks of unemployment left. She was homeschooling her 2nd grader and two high schoolers, all of whom have winter birthdays. With Christmas just around the corner, the car needed repairs, she was behind on its payments, and her husband’s work hours had been cut. On top of it all, she needed to put her mortgage in forbearance and work out payment plans with her bills. It would be a lot for anyone to handle – but she could count on her kitten Baby Bear for support. Here is their story:

Baby Bear (left) and his feline brother Smokey (right)

Baby Bear is a special part of our family. We found him and two other kittens orphaned at three weeks old. He could not eat or potty on his own. I tried a bottle and he couldn’t use that either. I fed him with a syringe and KMR around the clock until about five weeks old and stimulated him. Trying to get him to potty was so hard and worrisome! I cried and prayed for three days and he finally went for the first time. I thanked God for answering my prayers. I got him transitioned to soft kitten food and then to hard food.

My cuddle buddy is so full of life. I have anxiety and he gets on my lap to give me loving on the forehead when I am crying, and he stays curled in my arms until I get up. My kids and him all have a game. He hides when he hears them coming and pops out and wraps around their ankles to scare them. He is an angel sent to us and a big part of our family.

He was hit by a car on Tuesday night, and on Wednesday we rushed him to the vet. He has three fractures in his pelvis, a broken femur in his leg that requires surgery, and a broken tail. I had to pay a deposit and the hospital informed me they do not take payment plans. I am at a loss for what to do at this point and am looking for help.

Because of the generosity of FurEver Friends like you, RedRover was able to answer Jessica’s call for help. With a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant, Baby Bear’s leg was saved from amputation!

Baby Bear is doing great. He has healed very well and learned to play again with his disability. He is back to running and jumping and pulling his pranks of hiding and grabbing your leg as you go by.

This little guy is a gift sent to me and my family. We love him and his brothers so much. Trying to get a picture of all three is impossible. Each kitten has a human child too and it works out great. They each have their own personality like my three children, and I love watching them interact with one another. I want to say thank you again and how much my family is grateful to the program.

Thank you for being the lifesaving difference for animals like Baby Bear, for keeping pets and their people together, and for your unwavering commitment to bringing animals from crisis to care.