By Savannah Verdon, RedRover Development and Engagement Coordinator

For six wonderful months, Alison and her partner Ryan met their hardships caused by COVID-19 with resilience. Alison was on unemployment, and their bills were going unpaid, but they coped with the stress and uncertainty by enjoying every spare moment with the cat they adopted from their local animal shelter. At just a year old, the little black cat Gus had already been in three homes. Alison and Ryan vowed to be his forever family and give him the love he deserved for the remainder of his years.


But as so many pet owners with male cats discover, Gus’s symptoms of urinary blockage came on quickly. At first, Alison took him to a veterinarian that recommended medicine and monitoring. The veterinarian assured them that it was a common condition in male cats, but he wasn’t blocked and would be fine. They paid their bill and took Gus back home to tend to his care.

Shortly thereafter, they noticed that Gus was still straining to urinate and had blood in his urine. The medicine had not helped, and he had a blockage in his bladder that could cause serious harm and even death if left unresolved. But with her financial situation becoming more and more strained and uncertain by the day, Alison felt overwhelmed.

He is our everything. We love this cat so much and we can’t live without him. He was returned 3 times to the animal shelter before we found him and we were so excited to give him his forever home. We don’t want forever to be so short. We need Gus.”

She and Ryan applied for CareCredit, but were denied. They decided to search online for kind people or rescues that would be able to help them save Gus.

Through Alison and Ryan’s unwavering devotion, the hard work of the RedRover Relief Urgent Care case managers, and the assistance of the veterinary staff, Gus was able to get his surgery before his condition worsened. Just in time for the holidays, Gus is now happy, healthy, and safe at home with his forever family. 

Alison took some time away from loving on Gus and his feline brothers, Flint and Dobrik, to send us this heartfelt update:

“We want to thank you again. We brought Gus home today. We can see such a difference in him already. He was so thankful to be home and we could tell how happy he was to be with us again. Can’t wait to update you on his progress moving forward. We are very happy cat parents and we’re so thankful.”

The time between Thanksgiving and the end of the year can be challenging in so many ways. This is true especially in 2020, and we, too, are so thankful for compassionate people like you who continue to support RedRover and the pets and families we serve. We look forward to sharing many more Happy Tails with you in 2021!

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