By Savannah Verdon, RedRover Development and Engagement Coordinator

With two dogs, a cockatoo and her sweet cat Gozer, Melissa’s home was rich with love – and pet hair! She viewed and treated her pets as family, each with the right to live a happy and healthy life, so she was always diligent about saving money in case of an emergency.

While Gozer enjoyed most of her time indoors, Melissa would occasionally let her outside to romp around. Gozer could play outside for hours, but Melissa always brought her inside to be safe. One evening, she heard Gozer yowling and rushed out to find her sitting on the sidewalk. Gozer came inside seemingly fine, and Melissa thought nothing of it until two days later when Gozer’s leg began to swell, and she was unable to walk on it.

Fearing Gozer had been attacked, Melissa took her to the veterinarian for x-rays. Showing no signs of a broken or dislocated bone, the veterinarian sent Gozer home with antibiotics and pain medicine. Melissa had spent her emergency money on this visit, but she hoped the worst was behind them.

Gozer seemed to improve over the next few days. The swelling had subsided and she was getting around the house without issue. But unexpectedly, Gozer stopped eating and began limping again. An additional set of x-rays revealed that Gozer’s bone had degraded – she had inflammation in her bone as well as abnormal tissue growth, and the veterinarian recommended the leg be amputated to ensure Gozer’s health and quality of life.

Melissa was willing to do everything she could to get Gozer the surgery she needed. She was approved for CareCredit and started a fundraiser, but she was just short of the full amount. A RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant made all the difference in making sure Gozer would get her lifesaving surgery.

Though she is still healing, Gozer is already itching to escape back outside to chase bugs and mice, and Melissa couldn’t be more grateful for the help she received. Animal lovers like you are the lifesaving difference for animals like Gozer. Thank you for your support in keeping pets and their people together, and for your unwavering commitment to bringing animals from crisis to care.

UPDATE from Melissa: 

Despite now being a tripawed, Gozer is as quick as ever. She’s gone back to hiding behind doors and sneak attacking the dogs, which then a chase scene ensues with a three legged cat being chased by a pointer and a pointer mix. But it’s almost like they know to be gentle with her. Also, everyone takes notice of how well she is doing, her (seeming) happiness, energy and just overall desire to be loved.
So thanks again for helping us when we needed it. Gozer, the pups and I will always be grateful 🙂

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