By Savannah Verdon, RedRover Development and Engagement Coordinator

As a Furever Friend, you make second chances possible. No matter the circumstances, these second chances fill families’ with heartfelt gratitude, inspiring Happy Tails like Mercury’s. 

The McCoy family had experienced a difficult few years before transitioning out of homelessness. Through all the challenges and setbacks, their smiling pup, Mercury, had been a constant companion. He had faithfully watched over their 15-year-old son, offering comfort and protection as he was uprooted from his normal life and moved away from his friends. Mercury’s mom Tasha said it best:

“There is no telling how many heffalumps Mercury has saved our family from. He has provided comfort and joy and steadiness to his family during a time when love and hope were the most important things. I know I sound sappy, but Mercury’s snuggles and doggy grins have been a balm to us.”

Transitioning out of homelessness presented its own obstacles – but Tasha’s optimism for this exciting new chapter was persistent. While she was unable to work due to multiple autoimmune disorders, she had just been approved for SSI benefits and her credit was beginning to recover. 

But just when she thought her family could finally relax into a new, peaceful life, their two dogs had an altercation, and their much larger dog bit and violently shook Mercury by the neck.

The attack left a large gash on the back of Mercury’s neck. While Tasha rushed him to the veterinarian, she could only afford to give him pain medicine and antibiotics. They hoped for the best, giving Mercury all the love and attention they could to help him heal. But as the days wore on, the gash continued to get worse, its jagged edges desperately in need of cleaning and stitches. 

CareCredit and traditional loans were not an option and Tasha had no savings – she was overwhelmed by the stress of the situation, and her son was losing hope for his best friend. Never failing to look on the bright side, they were thankful that Mercury’s chubbiness likely prevented the wound from being much, much worse; nevertheless, this family needed help.  

With a wealth of kindness and a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant made possible by compassionate, generous people like yourself, Mercury received the treatment he needed for the wound to heal cleanly. Now, he is grinning even bigger than before. 

“Mercury is healing up nicely. He’s howling again. It’s the worst howl in the world, but it’s beautiful to me. =)”

After so many years of counting on one another for love and support, losing Mercury would have devastated Tasha and her son. But just like them, we are full of gratitude for the support you lend to families in crisis. Thank you for keeping this family together to enjoy their new, peaceful lives. 

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