Howard was living in New York with his sweet 8-year-old Shiba Inu, Lucy, whom he described as his “heart and soul,” when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Howard became seriously ill and needed to be hospitalized. But amidst his own health concerns, he was worried about Lucy – where would she go while he was in the hospital? 

Lucy had recently had a health emergency of her own that required surgery on both of her eyes and left her blind. Howard had spent his mortgage money to get Lucy the veterinary care she needed, and now he could not afford her boarding costs while he dealt with his own health crisis. 

This is where RedRover stepped in. With the help of a local animal welfare group, Howard applied for RedRover’s new Emergency Boarding grant. We quickly approved a grant covering Lucy’s boarding costs while Howard received the treatment he needed. 

Three weeks later, Howard had recovered from COVID-19 and was happily reunited with Lucy. After back-to-back health crises, Howard and Lucy are finally both healthy and grateful to be home together again.

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