By Tara Lenehan, Education Coordinator

If you’ve ever spent time with librarians – also known as Library Media Specialists – or benefited from their knowledge and services, you know that they are champions of connection.

Whether researching on a public computer or flipping the pages of a book, librarians are equipped to help students understand our future while staying connected to our past.

For schools that see an underserved population, their library provides inclusive access to information. A librarian can help students develop media-literacy, media-creation and communication skills that they might not receive elsewhere. It’s no wonder librarians are recognized as champions of the RedRover Readers program.

The RedRover Readers program is all about connection. Using books about animals, the program is designed to reach educators to help their students develop the steps necessary for empathy. Those steps are:

  1. Recognize human and animal emotions
  2. Share emotions
  3. Regulate emotions in order to connect in positive ways with others

Soon, the RedRover Readers program will be made available to librarians in Kentucky – the state rated the worst for animal protection laws 12 years in a row. We believe that if we can help students connect in positive ways with animals, they will be more likely to connect in positive ways with each other. What better way to leverage connection than by involving the experts themselves?

Thank you to all our librarians! You are truly making this world a kinder, more connected place.

Learn more about the impact of the RedRover Readers program and how you can get involved at >>