Ann is an animal lover – so when she found an injured kitten, she didn’t think twice about bringing him home. She named the little feline Isaac.

Ann could tell Isaac was determined to make it, even though he had an infection in one of his eyes. She took him to the vet for a check-up, and the veterinarian put him on antibiotics. When that didn’t seem to work, they put him on more antibiotics and a topical treatment. This went on for four months, but the eye never fully healed.

The vet told Ann that Isaac’s eye could no longer see, and since it wouldn’t heal the only solution was to remove it.

Isaac deserved a second chance, and Ann knew that removing his eye was the only way he would finally be able to heal. But the cost of surgery was more than she could handle on her own.

Thanks to an internet search, Ann found RedRover and filled out a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant application for assistance. Thankfully we were able to help get Isaac the surgery he needed. In her application Ann told us, “Isaac is a symbol of resilience – he survived and continues to thrive despite his handicap.”

Now that Isaac has made it through a successful surgery and is finally healed, he’s thriving more than ever. Isaac, once an injured foundling kitten, is a fully accepted and beloved part of his forever family.

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