Atticus the goat was rescued with the rest of his herd by goodhearted goat lovers, Justin and Alicia. Unbeknownst to them, one of the goats in Atticus’s herd was bullying Atticus. Atticus has a glorious set of horns, but his kind personality kept him from using them when he was attacked, and he ended up with a serious wound on his rear leg.

The veterinarian said it was so serious that the only solution was to amputate. After being assured that Atticus would get along perfectly well on three legs, Justin and Alicia started looking for help to cover this unexpected surgery. The veterinarian told them about RedRover, and they immediately applied. RedRover was able to help with the cost of Atticus’s amputation, and Justin and Alicia were able to get him neutered at the same time.

We recently received an update on Atticus – and his new kid! – from Justin and Alicia:

“I am very happy to tell you Atticus and his family are doing great! His daughter is growing really well. Turned out, before his surgery him and Rose, his wife goat, had a thing before he was amputated and neutered and 2 months after Atticus had his leg amputation we were all surprised with a purebred Nubian girl, Cleopatra! They are all very super happy together and I cannot thank you enough for what your organization has done for us. He is so happy and full of life, every day is a blessing to him. He’s living on 5 acres with a horse barn a few minutes from where I live. Couldn’t be happier with his situation!”

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