WHITE COUNTY, AR (July 19, 2013) – RedRover®, a California-based nonprofit organization, has deployed volunteers from 6 states to operate a temporary shelter in White County, Arkansas, for approximately 50 dogs and 30 cats found living in unsanitary and dangerous conditions on private property .

Distinguished by their red shirts, RedRover Responders volunteers are specially trained to care for and shelter large numbers of animals after they have been rescued from cruelty and neglect. RedRover Responders volunteers provide manpower, free of charge, which enables local animal control and law enforcement agencies to respond to large-scale animal cruelty cases.

Six RedRover Responders volunteers have already traveled from Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee and other parts of Arkansas to care for the rescued animals at the temporary shelter. Five more volunteers will arrive later this week. RedRover has nearly 3,000 active volunteers in the United States and Canada and provides its services free of charge to the community.

“RedRover’s volunteer team is recognized nationally for its ability to give neglected and abused animals loving human contact, often for the first time in their lives,” said RedRover President and CEO Nicole Forsyth. “RedRover’s free emergency sheltering services support local agencies that otherwise might not be able to respond to such large animal cruelty cases due to lack of resources and staff.”

RedRover was invited to assist The Humane Society of the United States under the authority of Arkansas State Police in their efforts to remove and safely shelter approximately 50 dogs, including puppies and at least one pregnant adult dog, and 30 cats from the White County property.

When law enforcement arrived on the property they found various breeds of dogs ranging from large to small breeds, with a range of ages of both cats and dogs. Dogs were found chained up outside on the property and other dogs and cats were discovered inside the house.

All of the animals are currently being safely removed and transported to an emergency shelter, where they will be examined by a team of veterinarians and receive any necessary immediate medical care.  RedRover Responders volunteers will be responsible for the daily care of the animals, cleaning cages and assisting with vetting, along with providing much-needed socialization and affection to the neglected cats and dogs. The Humane Society of the United States and RedRover will care for the animals until they are placed with rescue groups for adoption.

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