Over the weekend, five RedRover Responders volunteers helped to prepare an 80-acre property for the arrival of animals at the Forest Animal Rescue (formerly the Peace River Refuge) in Silver Springs, Florida. Volunteers helped to build fencing and animal habitat for the refuge.

RedRover Responders volunteer Craig builds fencing.

Forest Animal Rescue by Peace River Refuge & Ranch is a lifetime care sanctuary for non-releasable wild animals. “The animals we rescue come from lives of abuse or neglect and have almost always narrowly escaped being destroyed for lack of a place to go. The animals in our care range from big cats to bears, wolves, primates, bats and more. Our residents have been confiscated by authorities, used in research, abandoned to starve or have been attempted pets that failed because of their wild nature. Here they have space and peace that they need to heal and thrive. They are given the best in veterinary care, a healthy diet and playmates of their own kind as appropriate. They regain confidence as their bodies gain strength, and they learn to appreciate the humans who have come to their aid.”

All of the volunteers worked hard and with great attitudes, clearing areas for buildings and temporary cages and helping build perimeter fencing in the 80 acre sanctuary site. Carol Christopherson from Jacksonville, Florida, was deploying with RedRover Responders for the first time. “I enjoyed it. It was interesting to work with different people from all over, and learning new things.  It’s also rewarding to help out different organizations that help animals, especially those dealing with the forgotten animals, the wildlife, the ones that we don’t always know about.”

RedRover Responders volunteers Carol and Bob with Lisa of Peace River Refuge.

Lisa Stoner from Forest Animal Sanctuary said she appreciated the “can-do” attitude of the RedRover Responders volunteers and their helpful and cooperative personalities. With the amount of work to be done, she appreciated that RedRover reached out to help provide our volunteers to make their new site ready to receive the animals.

Timber and Lisa Stoner.

Here is Lisa with Timber, a female wolf rescued from euthanasia in Illinois. She was rescued by Forest Animal Rescue by Peace River Refuge & Ranch where she will receive a lifetime of care and the companionship of another wolf.

Thank you to our RedRover Responders volunteers for your hard work!

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