RedRover volunteers are traveling now to care for more than 350 dogs and puppies rescued from a puppy mill in Cherokee County, Georgia. Read more

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Take the RedRover Readers training

Do you want to help children develop their critical thinking skills while fostering empathy and compassion for animals? Take the RedRover Readers training and become part of this exciting and innovative new approach to prevent cruelty from ever happening.

RedRover offers training workshop around the United States each year, as well as a self-paced online training course, to train educators to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum in the classroom.

Upcoming RedRover Readers educator training workshops

  • RedRover Readers Online Training,  November 1 [Details]
  • RedRover Readers Volunteer Workshop, Sacramento, CA, August 17 [Details] [Application to attend]
  • RedRover Readers Professional Development training in Chicago, IL, October 2014 [Details TBA]
  • RedRover Readers Professional Development training in Oklahoma City, OK, March 28, 2015 [Details TBA]
  • Request a free Professional Development training* for your whole elementary school or school district [Details]


"What a powerful and relevant program! This is a perfect example of what effective teacher trainings and professional development should be. Every educator and professional who works with children should be required to take this course!" Says Los Angeles, California teacher Susan Courtney Ph.D. 

The RedRover Readers program helps students develop vital critical thinking skills, along with compassion and empathy for animals.

*RedRover is a non-profit organization and as such may not be able to travel to every location. An online training option is available.