Learn about the domestic violence shelters that will help more pets and people escape abuse together.


Teachers, sign up now for the upcoming RedRover Readers training on August 1 in Sacramento, California.


Savannah the Labrador now has the run of the ranch; read how your support helped her live her new life!


Taaliyah used to be scared of animals, but not anymore, thanks to the RedRover Readers program. Watch Taaliyah's video to see how she's changed!


These 3 tips can keep your pets safe this summer.

You won't believe what this family did to keep their pet safe.


  • Aug 1 : RedRover Readers Workshop : Sacramento, California Read more

  • Aug 18 to Aug 19 : The “Link” Across the Lifespan: Animal Abuse’s Links to Child, Domestic & Elder Abuse : Dallas, Texas Read more

  • Sep 12 : RedRover Responders workshop : Bluffton, South Carolina Sign up now


Grants for emergency care

Find information on financial assistance for emergency veterinary care.

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