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“Where are the cats?”

             “Who did they sleep with last night?”

        These are the questions that swirl around Jayden and Brianna Anderson
        and  their  stepsister Madison Shea  as they  get  up  each  morning.  When
        school closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their family decided it was
        time to get a cat. They found brother and sister cats they named Merlin and
        Mystique at Dakin Humane Society in Springfield, Massachusetts.

                                      “The adoption        very young animals need. Volunteers who take
                                      was all done with    very young or sick shelter pets into their homes
                                      videos, texts, and   are called foster caregivers.
                                      phone chat,” says      “It’s something to look forward to and enjoy
     opposite page, redrover; this page, from top: redrover; bottom: valeri vatel/bigstock.
                                      Mr. Anderson.        when there’s so much we can no longer do,” says
                                      Dakin switched       Sensor. Every four hours, she feeds three six-week-
                                      to no-contact        old kittens she named Teddy, Paddington, and
                                      adoptions right      Winnie. They were brought into the shelter in a
                                      away, meeting        shoebox at just two weeks old without their mother.
                                      adopters curbside      November 1-7 is National Animal Shelter Apprecia-
                                      for pick-ups. The    tion Week. What can you do to help? Contact your
                                      shelter began        local shelter to see what its needs are. Many shelters
                                      requiring its staff   can use donations for busy pet food banks that give
        to wear masks in the building two to three weeks   to pet guardians in need. “If people have food for
        before the state required it.                      their pets, they are less likely to bring them to a
           “What’s interesting is that as an animal shelter,   shelter,” says Melissa Korzuch, President of Prince
        the staff is very much used to disinfecting and                       William SPCA, a group that
        putting on protective gear,” says Carmine DiCenso,                    supports needy animals at
        Dakin’s Executive Director. “We understand how                        the county shelter. “Pet food
        disease spreads.”                                                     assistance keeps pets with
           Four hundred miles south in Virginia, tiny kittens                 families, and that’s good for
        learn to play in the homes of volunteers from the                     everyone.” If you drop off
        Prince William County Animal Shelter. Volunteer                       donations to a shelter,
        Ingrid Sensor’s regular workplace closed, leaving                     remember to practice social
        her home to give the around-the-clock care that                       distancing and wear a mask!

                                                      Prince William SPCA also provides
                                                                         Kind News to over 450 classrooms
                                                                         in their area! That’s more than
                                                                         13,000 students!

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