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To the                                                 after


                         Madame Turkey needed medical
                                  care to treat her injuries.          before

       Meet “Madame Turkey”                                                      Kind Questions

       One day a man saw a badly injured  acting like a normal turkey. When     Now that you've read
       turkey on the side of the road. He   it was almost time to release her   Kind News, challenge
       knew the turkey needed help, so    back into the wild, her cage was      yourself with these
       he brought her to the Wildlife     placed outside on the Wildlife Care   questions.
       Care Association in Sacramento,    Association’s property where other    1.  After reading Pet Corner,
       California. Every day, volunteers   flocks of wild turkeys roamed.         how would you describe
       treated her wounds — she had       Some turkeys noticed her and went       the bond that the kids in
       scrapes, road rash, and a few      up to her cage to communicate.          the article have with their
       broken bones in her wings. They       Madame’s release day was             pets? How do you think
                                                                                  being together affects a
       got to know her and called her     very special for the Wildlife Care      bond between a human and
       Madame Turkey, because she         Association. She had been there         a pet, or a bond between
       needed a lot of care and attention.  for 93 days, and they were excited    two humans? Can being far
          When Madame got stronger,       to release her back into the wild.      apart ever help people, or
       she was grumpy when anyone         She was even accepted by the            people and animals, become
       entered her cage. Volunteer        wild flock! Volunteers and staff        closer? Why or why not?
       Coordinator Yenifer said, “She was   members at the Wildlife Care        2.  After reading “People step
       telling us she was ready to go.”   Association still see her roam          up to help animals during
       Staff members were happy to see    the property with her new family,       the pandemic,” re-read the
       that she was scared of humans      always reminding them that they         ideas on what you can do to
       because it meant that she was      helped save a life.                     help animal shelters. Are
                                                                                  there any ideas you would
                                                                                  like to try and if so, which
                                                                                  ones? What other ideas do   cover: redrover; this page: redrover.
        RedRover Reporters & Junior Advisory Board                                you have to help animals in
                                                                                  your community? How can
       Do you have a flair for being on screen? Do you want to tell us what you   you help others while still
       think about our stuff for kids? Learn how you can make videos for our      staying safe?
       RedRover Reporters YouTube Channel or join our Junior Advisory Board

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                                                                                   videos made
                                                                                   by kids.
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