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inside                          Do you remember?


           issue:                          Test how much you learned from the Sept/Oct issue of Kind News!
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                                            3.  not afraid to ask for what you want

                                            7.  like to spend time alone or with close friends

                                            8.  what you see or perceive

                        4                  10. always there for someone                      WORD LIST

                    Animal shelters        11. quick at finding solutions                    Personality
                     in a COVID-19
                        world              DOWN                                                Behavior
                                            1.  causing trouble                              Introverted

                                            2.  a type of vision that helps animals tell     Resourceful

                                                 how far away something is                      Loyal
                        6                   4.  cleaning feathers                            Mischievous


                      Pet Corner            5. how a person or animal acts, thinks or feels   Binocular
                                            6. how a person or animal acts                     Scopulae

                                            9. sticky hairs on some spiders' feet            Observations

                                                                       1            2
                        8                            3

                    To the Rescue:                                                              4     5

         3  Humane Hero:
            Nzinzi                                                     8      9

         7  Amazing World:
            Snake senses
         ?  Where’s Raja?
            Find Raja, from The
            Restricted Adventures
            of Raja app, hidden                                  10
            in Kind News.

                                      Created by Puzzlemaker at

                                                  Do you want to learn more about cats and dogs through the
                                                  adventures of Raja? Ask an adult if you can download The Restricted
                                                  Adventures of Raja book and game apps!

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