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Youth Opportunities

Information for Scout Leaders, Parents and Kids 

Are you looking for ways to help animals and get involved with RedRover? Check out these service projects and ideas.

Project Ideas

  • Participate in the RedRover Readers program and write a paragraph about your experiences. Give what you wrote about the program along with this flier to a teacher to help spread the message of empathy for animals to your friends at your school.
  • Show this lesson to your teacher and help others learn about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars. 
  • Encourage friends to donate to RedRover to help save animals instead of bringing gifts. Contact Erin Bialecki at for more information on RedRover's Birthday Party Kits and party favors. 
  • Have a book party using RedRover Readers books and encourage your friends to read humane-themed literature. Hand out information about the RedRover Readers program to your friends at the book party. 
  • Download this coloring page, color the picture and write your response in the box provided. Ask your friends to color one too. Compare and discuss with your friends your responses to the question, "If Max talked to you, what do you think he might say?"
  • Take our Animal Quiz. Then research five other facts about animals and create your own Animal quiz to share.
  • Did you recently have a RedRover Readers volunteer come to your school and read a book? Please email us at and tell us what you thought about the books and the visit.
  • Try these fun activities from the RedRover Readers program!
  • Write a letter encouraging your local library to carry the books on our list of Recommended Books with Humane Themes.
  • RedRover's On-Call Angels program is working with RedRover Readers to give students a chance to donate and save animals' lives. One classroom raised money by selling lollipops and donated the money to RedRover! RedRover visited their classroom. The students listened to a book from our RedRover Readers program and then created get well soon cards for a dog named Toby who the students helped with their donations. Would you like your classroom to be an On-Call Angels Classroom? Contact Erin Bialecki at

Other ways to Help 

  • RedRover wants to see children and their pets! Send us pictures of your children and their pet(s) that show the bond between the two. Parents need to fill out the photo release form for every child who is pictured. The photo release form should be sent in at the same time with the photo to   
  • Thinking of adopting a pet or do you know of someone who is? Here are some helpful links to share: