Thank you for choosing to donate your vehicle in support of RedRover’s ongoing efforts to bring animals from crisis to care. We have partnered with Vehicles for Charity (VFC), a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, to enable a smooth, simple vehicle donation process.

VFC maintains a comprehensive FAQ about their donation process from start to finish. In addition to a simple donation process and continued support, VFC will supply you with the correct IRS paperwork to claim your tax deduction.

The best part? RedRover will receive 80% of net proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle after subtracting the cost of towing and sales commission. The remaining 20% returns to VFC to enable their ongoing support of nonprofits and donors across the country. In the event that the sale of your donated vehicles results in a net loss, VFC will absorb 100% of that loss.

Still have questions? You can reach VFC at 1-866-628-2277 or visit their website at RedRover is available to address your concerns at your convenience.

Click HERE to donate your vehicle and support RedRover.