National Assistance Programs: only 501(c)(3) organizations and government agencies can apply
After the Finish Line Provides grants and emergency funds to qualified Thoroughbred rescue and retirement organizations located throughout the United States.
ASPCA Reach resource information via the “Grants” link. Disaster recovery, emergency care and supplies for large-scale seizures. Equine Fund grants for 501(c)(3) equine rescues, shelters and animal control agencies caring for equine victims of cruelty and abandonment. General grant amount range is $500-3,000. A small percent of grants will be awarded for professional improvement of equine rescues.
MSPCA The MSPCA Emergency Equine Relief Program serves as a resource for those who need short term help feeding or caring for their horses. The Program can also assist owners who are facing end of life care for their horses and need assistance with humane euthanasia.
The Binky Foundation Start-up costs and habitat expansion costs.
The Brennan Equine Welfare Fund Assists equine rescue shelters across the country that provide dignity to aged, injured, abused, starved and slaughter-bound horses, as well as those used in medical experimentation.
The Equus Foundation Raises public awareness in the value of horses through education and awards of grants to charities that illustrate the benefit of horses and promote equine welfare.
National Equine Resource Network Provides grants for: disasters, emergency medical relief, hay, gelding and euthanasia. Foundation Disaster Grants Emergency equipment and supplies during disasters.
Thoroughbred Charities of America Offers equine grants for Thoroughbred rescue, rehabilitation, retraining, adoption, retirement and euthanasia.
Unwanted Horse Coalition Vaccinations, equine welfare education.


Assistance Programs by State: available to individuals
Alaska Alaska Equine Rescue Hay, grain, veterinary and farrier services.
Arizona Arizona Coalition for Equine Provides comprehensive assistance programs.
Arizona Care for the Horses Emergency care, general veterinary care, feed, grain and foot care; request repayment of a portion of the costs.
Arizona Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary Humane euthanasia. Also offers The Nick Legacy Fund which raises funds for medical care.
California Back in the Saddle Offers euthanasia services as well as hay assistance and low-cost gelding.
California Equine Assistance Project Short term assistance with hay, board, farrier and vet care for owners facing financial hardship. Also offer re-homing services. May be able to help outside of California.
California The Heart of a Horse Foundation Emergency hay support grants, emergency medicine support grants.
California NorCal Equine Rescue (Horse Plus Humane Society) Assists with gelding, surrenders, humane euthanasia, and costs associated with auctions.
California Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue (SAFER) Free website for rehoming horses in North Bay area; limited foster care available. Hay Assistance Program in the tri-county area of Sonoma, Lake and Mendocino Counties.
Colorado Colorado Horse Rescue “Leg Up Program” pays part of the cost for such things as hay, feed, farrier work, dental care, vaccinations, or minor veterinary incidents up to $250.
Colorado Colorado Horsecare Foodbank Provides assistance in feed and veterinary care.
Colorado Front Range Equine Rescue Humane euthanasia, disaster evacuation and gelding assistance.
Florida H.O.R.S.E Provides feed assistance to residents of Florida.
Georgia South Eastern Equine Rescue Farm calls for injured or ill horse owners, food and hay assistance, new owner assistance, training and placement resources.
Maine Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals Provides temporary assistance to owners in the form of feed, vet or farrier.
Massachusetts New England Equine Rescue-North, Inc. Offers short term feed assistance and advertising space to owners looking to rehome their horses free-of-charge.
Michigan Michigan Horse Welfare Provides hay assistance and temporary boarding.
Montana Montana Horse Sanctuary Emergency veterinary procedures, gelding, feed and euthanasia grants; request repayment of a portion of the costs.
New Hampshire Becky’s Gift Equine Relief Provides feed and hay assistance as well as farrier services and basic veterinary care.
New Mexico Equine Protection Fund Emergency feed assistance as well as gelding assistance available.
Oregon Equamore Foundation Provides assistance with feed, veterinary care, gelding, dental, as well as rescue and equine care educational programs.
Oregon Sound Equine Options Emergency veterinary care assistance, hay assistance and no cost euthanasia.
Texas Habitat for Horses Emergency hay and feed program.