Help Raise Money for Animals

At Home

Birthday Parties

Have a birthday party for the animals. Encourage friends to donate to RedRover to help save animals instead of bringing gifts like this kind kid, Kate.

Contact Erin Bialecki at for more information on RedRover’s Birthday Party Kits and party favors.

At School

Become an On Call Angel Classroom

Pennies for Pups
Organize a coin drive and encourage your friends and family to bring in their extra change to donate and help save an animal’s life.

Cookies for Cats
Sell cookies at recess

Pops for Pups
One classroom raised money by selling lollipops to other students and then donated the money to RedRover. Students receive cards with the animal they helped.

Contact Erin Bialecki at to become an On Call Angel Classroom.

Bring Kind News magazine to your classroom

Raise $30 for a classroom subscription so everyone in your class get this fun magazine five times a school year. Can each student bring in $1 at the beginning of the year? What about working with your Parent Teacher Association (PTA) to fundraise for one classroom or many? Bake sales, selling lollipops or by having a car wash are fun ideas to try too.

More Ways Kids Can Help Animals

Write a library letter

Encourage your local library to carry the books on our list of Recommended Books with Humane Themes by sending them this letter.


Help spread the word

Tell your friends and family about the RedRover Readers program to help promote empathy for animals and people.

Junior Advisory Board

Let us know if you would like to join RedRover’s Junior Advisory Board to offer ongoing feedback on our Kind News magazine.

Email us

Help your local animal shelter

Contact your local animal shelter and see what they might need help with or what supplies they need, and then organize a blanket or towel drive for example

Opt to adopt

Opt to adopt pets from animal shelters or rescues instead of buying pets at pet stores

Help foster

Consider becoming a foster home for animals from your local animal shelter or rescue organization

Share Kind News

Bring your old Kind News magazine issues to your doctor’s office for other kids to read when you are done

Share the Empathy App

Download RedRover’s free Empathy App and tell your friends about it

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