The Restricted Adventures of Raja is a digital book series about animals and emotions that helps kids consider the well-being of others. Book 1 and 2 are individual apps, each containing a continuing adventure story in a graphic novel format, questions, fun facts and games. The second book in the series, “Raja Book 2,” is now available. Download the app now in Apple App Store, Amazon App Store or Google Play.

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The Restricted Adventures of Raja

The Restricted Adventures of Raja app is designed to inspire kids to want to make the world a better place, while giving them a much-needed opportunity to practice skills related to pro-social skills, such as emotional awareness, critical thinking and compassion.

Teaching Guide for The Restricted Adventures of Raja

 Guía de Discusión y Actividades Las Aventuras de Rajá  

El Tomo 2 de la aclamada novela gráfica en serie: ¡Las Aventuras Restringidas del Gato Rajá! Esta serie interactiva de novela gráfica instruye a los niños en destrezas del diario vivir importantes mientras se sumergen en una maravillosa historia de valor, compasión y empatía.