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Domestic Violence
Safe Housing Startup Grants

RedRover’s Safe Housing Startup grant will allow domestic violence shelters to create their own program to help victims of domestic violence and their pets escape together.

RedRover envisions that the most likely program model would be an ongoing boarding arrangement with a veterinarian or pet boarding facility. Please contact us at before applying if you have an idea for a different model of pet housing, such as a foster-based program.

These one-time grants are intended to bridge a critical gap in funding to enable the pet boarding program to begin. Grants, up to $20,000, are offered throughout the United States and can fund the proposed program for up to two years. Grant funds may be used to pay for the boarding costs associated with housing pets at an off-site veterinary clinic or pet boarding facility. Grant funds may also be used for veterinary care such as vaccinations.

For quick answers to the most commonly asked questions, visit our Safe Housing Startup FAQ page. You can also watch our recorded webinar, Safe Housing grants: How your shelter can help people and pets escape abuse together.

To request a PDF copy of the RedRover Safe Housing Startup grant application to use as reference before applying, email us at You can also download this Safe Housing Startup budget template.


  • Applicants must be recognized by the IRS as 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Applicants must be agencies with a primary mission of sheltering victims of domestic violence
  • Applicants must partner with a licensed animal care facility

Pre-application checklist:

Before applying for the grant, organizations/agencies should:

  • Be ready to start their program within 3 months or less
  • Have a detailed program plan and budget
  • Obtain a written boarding agreement with a local animal shelter or boarding facility
  • Identify a veterinary clinic or veterinarian partner
  • Outline a plan for program sustainability/continuation after the Startup grant funding period has ended

Ineligible expenditures:

RedRover Safe Housing Startup grants will not be awarded for real estate acquisition, general operating costs, or salaries.

Safe Housing Startup Grant Application Process

Applications for 2018 are due on May 15 and October 15, 2018. Final decisions will be made within 30 days of the application deadline.

By clicking the application link you are verifying that you have read the above eligibility information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Safe Housing Startup FAQ’s for more information

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