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RedRover Readers: What teachers and students are saying

What are teachers saying about the RedRover Readers training?

"I am an elementary school teacher who recently received the RedRover training. It was such a valuable experience! I have attended many training in my district in the past 3 years, and this was by far the most informative, interesting, and useful. The information about social and emotional learning, as well as the discussion strategies to encourage critical thinking can easily be applied to many areas of the curriculum. I appreciated being given highly engaging lessons that I can use right away... I highly recommend this program to anyone who teaches children!"
- H. Conway, Elementary school teacher Sacramento, California

"Honestly, this has been the most engaging/entertaining and useful training I have been to since I have been a teacher." - Anon, quote taken from training evaluation survey on May 11, 2015

"What a powerful and relevant program! This is a perfect example of what effective teacher trainings and professional development should be. Every educator and professional who works with children should be required to take this course!" - Susan Courtney, teacher, Los Angeles, California

“This was the best workshop I’ve ever taken – I mean it. It was thoughtful, informative and inspiring." - Former teacher, humane educator Maggie Amiano

“Thank you for starting me on a journey that involves life-long learning. RedRover program is just the beginning. I appreciate all your efforts and clarifications. Great program! - Marta Goodman after taking the RedRover Readers online training

“I am very thankful to have had this opportunity to take this course. It is one of those courses that changes you from the inside. Thank you!” - Anon. taking from RedRover Readers online course evaluation

“It is a really great workshop, very motivating. I was so impressed with the techniques and inspired that I wanted to take it again this year.” - Paula Fallis, Teacher.

“I will be able to use these question techniques in other areas of our curriculum.” - Margaret Vansoest, Teacher

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What are teachers saying about the RedRover Readers program? 

"It's absolutely changed the way I teach, interact with students, and frame my thinking. I LOVE it!!" - Sarah Kesty, 2014-2015 Teacher of the Year, Twin Rivers School District

My students seem to have a better understanding of pets as living feeling creatures. Before, [my] students seemed to think of pets more as objects or possessions.” - Terry Mertz, third grade teacher, Taylor Street Elementary School, Sacramento, California 

"[My students] were more willing to share about their own experiences with animals and better able to express emotions." - Anonymous

"I saw my children not only think more about their relationships with animals, but how relationships with their friends can be improved through communication as well." - Priscilla Sinon, Teacher, Arcola Elementary School, Silver Spring, Maryland 

“My students loved it. They enjoyed hearing stories about animals and drawing pictures that related to the stories. My students were imaginative and truly enjoyed discussing the stories.”

“My students were able to understand that animals also need to be treated with care and that pets are a valuable asset to someone's life. They are companions.” - Laura Villegas, third grade teacher, Edward Kemble Elementary School, Sacramento, California

“My students were totally engaged during the program. They were excited for each of the lessons, enjoyed the stories.” - Natalie Nelson, kindergarten teacher, Arcola Elementary School, Silver Spring, Maryland

What are students saying about the RedRover Readers program? 

“I didn't know that you can love a dog." - Chance, age 9

 "I used to be afraid of dogs but RedRover dog books have made me not be afraid." - Paloma, age 8

"Thank you for teaching us. I loved it. My favorite book was Buddy Unchained. I liked the part where Buddy finds a new home." Ellie, age 7

"It makes me want to just hug animals! They actually help us, and they won't hurt you if you treat them the way they want to be treated." - Taaliyah, age 7 

Watch Taaliyah's video testimonial below!

"I feel different and how I feel is happy now about animals because they get treated right. I didn't really care about them but now I do." - George, age 8

"I used to think animals were just animals and who really cares? After reading the books I realize animals are fragile, they are not toys and they should be treated right." - Angela, age 8

"I started to check if [my dogs] had food and fresh water everyday... RedRover books helped me to be with my dogs and give them food and water. I am loving my dogs better." - Ines, age 7

Third grade teacher Terry Mertz works with a student during a RedRover Readers volunteer visit.

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