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Kind News magazine

The premier humane education magazine for classrooms and homes, Kind News helps students connect with animals and build stronger, more empathetic relationships.


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The magazine for kids about animals

RedRover adopted Kind News magazine from The Humane Society of United States (HSUS) in early 2017. Created for K-6 students, Kind News teaches kids to care for animals. Engaging articles, colorful illustrations, activities and games inspire readers to explore the relationship between people and animals and develop the knowledge and skills necessary for empathy.

  • This magazine is impressive in its quality and content. I can't tell you how excited my children are to read it, and they are already learning a great deal from it. Each issue covers a variety of topics, all focusing on animals (of course), and helping the students understand the importance of, and their role in, taking care of Earth's creatures.

    Jeanne, 2nd Grade Teacher, Binns Elementary in Columbus, Ohio
  • This is my third year utilizing the Kind News magazine as an authentic informational text piece for my students. Animals are of high interest to children. These articles, especially ones about house pets, foster personal connections to real-life experiences. My second grade students have explored and identified various informational text features throughout the magazine. We have also analyzed the text by sequencing, inferring and making timelines. We are very grateful to our donor for providing this wonderful informational text resource.

    Katie, 2nd Grade Teacher, Avery Elementary in Hilliard, Ohio
  • The Kind News magazines have been a wonderful resource for our students. The kids love them and are so grateful to our generous donor for providing them!

    Lisa, 2nd Grade Teacher, J.W. Reason Elementary in Hilliard, Ohio

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