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Kind News magazine

The premier humane education magazine for classrooms and homes, Kind News helps students connect with animals and build stronger, more empathetic relationships.

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2019 Parents’ Choice Approved

Kind News is a Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner for 2019!  See our review here.


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The magazine for kids about animals

RedRover adopted Kind News magazine from The Humane Society of United States (HSUS) in early 2017. Created for K-6 students, Kind News teaches kids to care for animals. Engaging articles, colorful illustrations, activities and games inspire readers to explore the relationship between people and animals and develop the knowledge and skills necessary for empathy.

Latest Issue for Download

Download the Nov/Dec 2018 issue of Kind News magazine

Download Kind News Teacher Guides:

Kind News Teacher Guide

Kind News, Jr. Teacher Guide

Download the Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching from the March/April 2019 issue

Download the full lesson plan on Animal Senses from the Jan/Feb 2018 issue

Download the full lesson plan on the Dangers of Dogs in Hot Cars from the May/June 2018 issue

View RedRover’s Kind News Archive
View the HSUS 2012-2016 Kind News Archive 

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2019 Parents’ Choice Approved

Kind News is a Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner for 2019!  See our review here.

  • "I love that Kind News is Common Core aligned with great project ideas!"

    Sarah Engles-Smith, 1st grade teacher, Bahia Vista Elementary School, San Rafael, CA
  • "Our small woman’s club feels it is an honor to supply Kind News to each of our area grade schools and would like to continue for some time."

    Sandy Quiram, Sycamore Woman's Club Conservation Chairman, Sycamore, IL
  • "Kind News is very interesting to my class and provides much-needed vocabulary as my students are still learning English. I have a serious love of animals and love to share it with my students!"

    Lynda, 3rd grade teacher, TX

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