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RedRover Readers Frequently Asked Questions
What is the RedRover Readers program?

The RedRover Readers program is a unique social and emotional learning program helping children practice critical thinking, empathy and the skills necessary for positive relationships while engaging with stories and discussions. Read more about the program, watch our video and view our infographic (PDF).

How long has the program been active?

10 years. The RedRover Readers program was launched in 2007.

What is the RedRover Readers curriculum?

The RedRover Readers curriculum is a collection of Discussion and Activity Guides designed for specially chosen, high-quality children’s literature coupled with specific question strategies, discussion techniques and follow-up activities.

Where can I find the RedRover Readers curriculum?

Once you have completed the RedRover Readers training you are given access to the RedRover Readers curriculum online.

Is the RedRover Readers curriculum free?

Yes, the RedRover Readers curriculum is free to those who have been trained by RedRover to implement it.

Is the RedRover Readers program research-based? If so, what are the benefits?

Inverness Research Inc. conducted a pilot research study to investigate the effectiveness of the RedRover Readers curriculum, then called the Humane Education Ambassador Readers (HEAR) program, in 2009. The researchers found that the RedRover Readers program:

  • Builds self-esteem and motivates students to take an important subject seriously
  • Stimulates additional student-directed learning
  • Builds students’ knowledge and potentially affects their behaviors related to caring for pets
  • Builds students’ empathy and compassion for pets

Read the full research report

We are currently working with the Dr. Emanuel Castano from The New School for Social Research to further investigate the program. We recruited nine Sacramento, California educators to participate in a randomized control study. Data analysis is underway.

How can I tell if the program has benefited my students?

RedRover has identified two measures (student reports) to assess the effectiveness of the RedRover Readers curriculum. After you have been trained to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum, please email and request the measures and a teacher research packet.

What is the target age for the RedRover Readers program?

The target age for the RedRover Readers program is third- and fourth-grade students. Cognitively speaking, children at this age are developing the complex perspective-taking skills that are needed to take the perspectives of the characters – both human and non-human – in the stories and understand that their perspective might be different from their peers. Perspective-taking is a precursor for building empathy.

Can children who are not in third or fourth grade participate?

Yes! Children in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade have participated in the RedRover Readers program and were highly engaged. Teachers teaching grades other than third and fourth grade are encouraged to get trained to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum.

I am a teacher. How can I bring the program to my classroom?

Teachers can bring the RedRover Readers program to their classroom by taking the training either online or in-person. Before 2013, RedRover trained volunteers to visit classrooms and implement the RedRover Readers curriculum in five consecutive visits. Volunteers are available only in select cities in the United States and Canada. Because we do not have volunteers in every city, teachers everywhere are encouraged to take the training and use the curriculum with their own students. Teachers who have participated in the RedRover Readers program report using the curriculum in other areas of their teaching and that they know much more about their students as a result of the program.

How do I get trained to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum?

RedRover offers online and in-person professional development workshops. These trainings are geared toward educators. View more information about upcoming RedRover Readers trainings. RedRover also offers free professional development workshops for school districts.

How do I arrange a RedRover Readers in-person professional development workshop at my school?

To request a RedRover Readers professional development workshop for your elementary school or school district, email your request to Include details about your site, such as  your city, state, facility name, how many educators would like to attend, your name, the name of your professional development coordinator, and other details and contact information to make it easier for RedRover to accommodate your request.

How much does the training cost?

For a limited time, RedRover is providing free on-site professional development training to school districts and individual elementary schools wanting to adopt RedRover Readers curriculum. The registration fee for individual educators to attend the online training is $79. Read powerful testimonials from real teachers who have completed the training.

I am a RedRover Readers trained teacher. Where do I report about my visits?

Teachers who have been trained to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum should report their readings using the confidential link you were given when you trained. If you no longer have this link, please email to request that the reporting link be resent to you.

Where can I get the books in the RedRover Readers curriculum? Does RedRover sell the books?

RedRover does not sell the books that are used in the RedRover Readers curriculum. The books are available at local bookstores, libraries and from online retailers such as, and

I am a humane educator, how can I learn how to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum?

As a humane educator you are able to attend the online professional development training to learn how to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum.

Can I use the RedRover Readers curriculum at my humane society and/or the animal shelter where I work/volunteer as a humane educator?

Yes, once you have been trained by RedRover to implement the RedRover Readers curriculum, you can implement the curriculum through your organization. We ask that you please make mention of the “RedRover Readers” curriculum when implementing it.

I have a therapy animal, who I bring with me to my classroom, hospitals and schools, can I bring my dog with me when I implement the RedRover Readers program?

RedRover Readers curriculum is designed to be implemented without a live companion animal such as a dog present, so it is best to leave your dog at home.

The goal of the RedRover Readers program is different from read-to-dogs programs. RedRover is focused on building empathy, critical thinking and positive relationship skills. Read-to-dogs programs are designed to increase a child’s confidence in reading aloud and have other benefits unique from the RedRover Readers program. RedRover sets the stage for other programs, like reading to dogs or traditional shelter-based humane education, to be used more effectively following the RedRover Readers curriculum.

I am a parent with a child in elementary school. What information can I give my son or daughter’s teacher to let them know about the RedRover Readers program?

Thank you for wanting to promote the RedRover Readers program. RedRover has a letter that you can bring to your son or daughter’s teacher about the program and the benefits of RedRover Readers. Please email and request the Letter for Educators. We would be happy to send you a copy. You can also refer educators to our website,

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