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Support Pets in Need: Join RedRover’s On-Call Angels

Become an On-Call Angel and help pets in crisis. Learn how you can make a difference in the life of a specific animal in need as a RedRover On-Call Angel.

Helping Pets in Crisis

On-Call Angels are generous RedRover members who pledge to support an individual animal in urgent need. As an On-Call Angel, you directly help sick or injured pets and their families with this unique form of financial support. Every pledge you make translates into direct assistance in the form of a RedRover Relief grant, ensuring these innocent pets receive the care they deserve.

On-Call Angels are a vital part of the animal’s healing journey, and they often receive updates and photos on how the pet they supported is doing. Thanks to the financial commitments from On-Call Angels, RedRover is able to provide hundreds of RedRover Relief grants to families with a pet in crisis every year. Sign up to become an On-Call Angel today and help fund even more urgent cases.

As an On-Call Angel, you can choose from the following ways to make a profound impact:

•  A contribution of $250, once a year
•  A contribution of $150, twice a year
•  A monthly gift of $21, committed for at least 12 months

Our goal is to ensure every ill or injured pet who applies for a RedRover Relief grant is supported through the On-Call Angel program. With your commitment today, we can continue to be there whean pets and families in crisis need us most.

Join us as an On-Call Angel, and be the lifeline these beloved pets desperately need. 

Ready to become an On-Call Angel? Sign up now!

Still curious? Read more about how the On-Call Angel program works:

  1. Fill out the form and choose your pledge level: $150/twice a year, $250/once a year, or $21/month. 
  2. RedRover staff will reach out at the cadence you request and pair you with a pet and family in need! RedRover will send you an email detailing the pet's condition, financial requirements, and their special bond with their family – something you may appreciate.
  3. Once you are matched, make your pledge and your donation will directly benefit the pet and family in critical need.

Most RedRover Relief grants range from $150 and $500. We work with veterinary offices to reduce the cost of quality care and guide applicants in their fundraising efforts. Funds go directly to the veterinary clinics, ensuring these cherished pets receive the help they need.

Learn more about our RedRover Relief Urgent Care program here.

If you have additional questions about the On-Call Angel program, please contact Olivia Carpenter at or 916.429.2457 ext 329.

  • On-Call Angel
    When you donate through the On-Call Angel program, you’re making a very direct impact on a specific animal. We like being able to see the actual animal we are helping, receiving the picture and knowing you are helping that animal. It’s not a stock photo, you’re not donating to hundreds of unknown animals, you’re donating to that one animal. That animal may be all that family has, and you are helping that family stay whole. What greater impact is there than that?
    On-Call Angel
  • Josh Levine, On-Call Angel
    RedRover is a charity that my wife and I are extremely passionate about. We have been On-Call Angels with RedRover since I first found out about the organization while on a deployment in 2014. Our time as On-Call Angels has provided us with some of the most rewarding opportunities to contribute toward keeping families happy, healthy, and whole. Melissa and I look forward to each opportunity we are presented to help another family. We've been a part of 34 cases since we started participating in this program and each opportunity brings us so much joy to be able to help with.
    Josh Levine, On-Call Angel