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RedRover Relief Domestic Violence Resources

RedRover offers two grant programs and other resources to help families and pets safely escape domestic violence together. Learn more about our grant programs and this issue by following the links below.

Domestic Violence Safe Escape Grants 

Grants pay for temporary boarding and/or veterinary care to enable a victim to remove pets to safety. For victim's safety, the application must be submitted by a shelter worker.

Domestic Violence Safe Housing Grants

Grants fund start-up costs for a domestic violence shelter seeking to house pets on-site.

Online directory of pet support programs connecting people and pets with a safe escape from domestic violence.

SAF-T Start-up Manual

RedRover recommends and promotes the Sheltering Animals and Families Together (SAF-T) guide to domestic violence shelters seeking to create on-site pet housing.

Resources and statistics

Find other resources and information about pets and domestic violence, and learn more about what RedRover is doing to help.

Spread the word

Download RedRover's flier about pets and domestic violence (PDF) and distribute it to your local domestic violence shelters, animal shelters and other people who care.

Online training and webinars

Sign up for upcoming online training opportunities and view recorded online presentations.

Donate now

Please make a donation to help pets and families escape abuse together.