When Jennifer decided to dedicate her career to helping disabled and elderly individuals, she wanted to adopt a dog that could join her when working with her clients. Jarvis, a former stray at her local shelter, ended up being her perfect match.

The shelter told Jennifer that Jarvis had been hit by a car while he was a stray, which had resulted in his tail being partly amputated. Jennifer decided to adopt him and began taking Jarvis to work with her. Jarvis thrived as a therapy dog! He loved the attention and cuddles he received from Jennifer’s clients, and they all loved him. Jarvis enjoyed hiking and outdoor adventures with Jennifer, and he even had his own Instagram account.

Not long after adopting Jarvis, Jennifer noticed that he was having trouble using one leg. She immediately took him to her veterinarian, who informed her that Jarvis’s leg was severely damaged, likely from when he had been hit by the car. The vet decided that the best treatment plan for Jarvis’s leg was amputation.

Jennifer felt panicked. She was determined to get Jarvis the treatment he needed, but she couldn’t afford the entire cost of the surgery. After doing research online and creating a GoFundMe page, Jennifer applied for a RedRover Relief Urgent Care grant. A RedRover Relief case manager quickly contacted Jennifer and approved a grant towards Jarvis’s surgery.

Jarvis came through the surgery with flying colors and has now completely adjusted to his new life as a three-legged therapy dog. He’s still enjoying the attention and cuddles from their clients, and he even loves hiking! Jennifer tells us, “He’s loving his new lifestyle and is so confident on hikes now that he is no longer in pain. It is amazing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Thank you to our supporters whose donations continue to allow dogs like Jarvis a second chance at a happy life!

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