On March 2nd, RedRover Readers celebrated Read Across America Day (a project of NEA) with classrooms across the country. Our aim was to not only bring motivation and awareness to the importance of reading, but also to celebrate the launch of the second app in our E-books for Empathy series, The Restricted Adventures of Raja.

We had volunteers, teachers and students from San Diego to New York reading and celebrating with us!

One lucky volunteer, LeeAnn Johnston, won a special drawing for reading with RedRover Readers on March 2nd. Her class won a $200 gift card to a bookstore and a year subscription to Kind News Magazine.

LeeAnn was so excited, she wrote about her experience with RedRover Readers and her lucky win on her blog, “Animals Are Feeling Beings, too.”

Thank you to everyone who participated! You can help spread compassion all year-round by downloading “Raja Book 2” at no cost in the Apple App Store, Amazon and Google Play, and leave a review.

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