Hannah is passionate about helping animals in need. This last summer, the nine-year-old attended the Sacramento SPCA’s Camp Kindness where kids can learn more about about dogs, cats and other companion animals through games, crafts, tours and guest speakers. When the RedRover Readers program was invited to participate and read to campers, we met Hannah and learned about her fundraising journey to help animals in need.

What inspired you to raise money with a lemonade stand?

I was inspired to raise money for the SPCA through a lemonade stand because I wanted to help animals that are sick.

What do you like most about helping animals?

The thing I like most about helping animals is that if I help them, they will feel better and live a happy life.

What other ways do you like to help animals?

I also like to help animals by caring for them (babysitting them).

Do you have any other ideas on how you would like to help animals next?

To help animals in the future, I would really like to have my own animal business where people can learn about animals, buy animals, and get them taken care of at a daycare.

Who are some people you look up to?

I look up to Erica at the SPCA because she loves animals and I do too. I look up to my mom because she is kind and takes care of me. I also look up to my dad because he is protective and kind to me.

What were some of the reactions you had from customers who purchased lemonade from you? What did they say?

They were really excited that I was raising money. They said the peach tea “lemonade” was super good! A few of them JUST donated some money for the SPCA, and some of them did both.

What are some ways you inspire others to help animals?

I inspire my neighbor to help animals by playing “Animal Rescuers & Daycare.” In the game, we go outside on our bikes and rollerblades and search the neighborhood for animals in need.

What was your experience like at Camp Kindness? What did you learn?

I thought Camp Kindness was super!  I liked spending time with the three black sister and brother kittens. I think I learned a lot from it, like thinking about the animals’ personalities when considering which pet to adopt.

What will your next fundraiser look like? Do you want to do another lemonade stand? Or do something different.

I don’t know what my next fundraiser will look like, but I do hope to raise money again for the SPCA some time soon in the future.

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